Bye Bye BlackBerry, Hello iPhone

Bye Bye BlackBerry, Hello iPhone

I was very loyal to my BlackBerry.  It was ideal for my needs and allowed me to easily communicate for years. Except when the roller ball stopped working, and the battery no longer charged, and then when I couldn’t use any punctuation.

My husband and I then calculated how much we could save if we were on a Family Plan, and realized it was well worth it to be on the same plan.  I was fine replacing my punctuation lacking BlackBerry, but he, being a recent iPhone convert insisted the Apple instrument was much better suited for me.

He was right.  I have never looked back.  The iPhone far exceeds the capabilities, speed and graphics than the BlackBerry.  I’m still amazed by the touch screen functions.

It is mind-blowing how far technology has advanced in ten short years.  I would never have believed it in college if I was told I  would have an entire computer, camera and calendar in the palm of my hand.

I’m familiar with the argument that BlackBerrys are much easier to type on.  I agree the iPhone does take getting used to.  The auto spell check needs work, although does provide a good laugh when I send the wrong word.

The only negative I have found is my children constantly ask, “Can I play on your iPhone?” Besides the fact that I don’t want to give up my lifeline; I don’t think Angry Birds provides any form of education.

Are there learning games for children available on the iPhone?  I accept that our kids are growing up in a different world then we did.  I know I can’t shield my little ones from learning how to use and appreciate technology.  I just hope I can find applications that will enrich their lives in some little way.

I pretty much only have Words With Friends.   What apps do you suggest I download?


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  • LOVE my iPhone. Husband has a Blackberry and I just can't even deal with it. I keep trying to touch the screen!

    Apps for kids that I have: TeachMe Kindergarten and TeachMe First Grade, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, iWrite words, Sprout (this is mostly videos though so unless you have the unlimited data plan, I wouldn't recommend it because it eats up your data very quickly). Math Ninja (for 1st grade and up). Peekaboo Forest, Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild (for toddlers). I also have TeachMe toddler but it's a bit advanced for my 2-year-old.

    Apps for me: Moxie, Nike + GPS, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter

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    Although, iPhone is better than Blackberry, Android is much (in my opionion) than either of them. A lot more customization and bigger screens..

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    Words with Friends
    G-Whizz! Free
    Angry Birds

  • I can't believe how much I love my iPhone also! My kids have several games on my phone (and now my husband's phone!): pocketphonic, LunchBox, AniMatch, Starfall ABC,Cookie Doodle, Cake Doodle, Doodle Buddy. My older child now has an iPod Touch that replaced her barely used DS...we realized the same games come in app form for 1/3 of the price and so much more functionality. If you have netflix, you can watch your instant que via their app if you are connected to a wifi. Of course, we have to be aware of 'screen time' but it's a great diversion to finish a meal at a restaurant or prevent a meltdown.

  • the iPhone was a good purchase in 2007. Maybe 2008. You're an absolute fool to buy one now. Android has surpassed the iPhone completely at this point. Choice is key. You can get keyboards, no keyboards, small screen, big screen, fast, slow, 3G, 4G, etc.

    Yeah, it's so easy a toddler can use it, but it's also so limited a toddler can use it. Time to grow up.

  • Yes, many people have raved about the Android. I honestly need to become more knowledgeable about the capabilites it offers. For now, iPhone beyond meets my needs. Thank you for commenting.

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