Too Much Paper

I am proud of my son’s drawings and love to see how much he is improving.  That said I cannot deal with all the paper accumulating. I admire the masterpiece, maybe hang it on the fridge in a rotating display.  Then I recycle it.



Am I going to regret not saving these and countless other pieces of paper?  Am I heartless not to hold on to this drawing as a prized possession?  Will I regret this decision to keep my home organized in 10, 16 or 25 years?  I am drowning in paper. 

Please tell me I am not the only obsessive compulsive mother out there.

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  • I am just about to remove every single toy from my daughter's room. I think I could and she wouldn't notice because honestly, all she does is draw and write. We have arguments over whether or not she can have an unlimited supply of computer paper. Apparently, the 350 pieces of construction paper all over the floor of her room isn't good enough.

    Add to that the projects she brings home from school and the stuff she produces at the occasional art class and -- you said it. Drowning in paper!

    I have an artist's portfolio -- child size -- that someone gave us fr her birthday. I save about 1 out of 100 drawings. Special things like Mother's Day cards and things that are meaningful. I recycle the rest. Maybe I'll regret not saving all of it someday, but right now. It saves my sanity!

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