The Potty Chronicles Part II

I cannot believe I wrote about this topic once, let alone twice.  After months, of talking about potty training, gathering information and dreading it, I decided Monday morning enough was enough; we were going cold turkey and quitting the diapers.

Oh, how many times I’ve thought of going back to the diapers.  Just one, I try to convince myself, just when we are in public, or when she is sitting on the brand new couch.

It is finally a gorgeous sunny summer week; I am lying on the cold bathroom tile.  No, I’m not sick, just begging my poor child to pee.


I’m bribing her with M&Ms, a Barbie, ice cream party, hell; I’d throw in a trip to Bermuda if she would go. 

Meanwhile, I’m rewarding myself one M&M when I pee and two when I poop, of course to set an example.  At the rate we are going, I’ll have to buy a larger size pants soon. 

Every fifteen minutes the timer is going off in my house reminding her to use the potty. I feel like I am living inside an alarm clock.   It is a never ending day in fifteen minute increments.

I know many of you have gone through this. I’ve had a lot of time to think of all you other parents out there.  This is a hard job.  In case you never hear it enough, nice work, it isn’t easy.  Years ago when I was working in advertising, I never would have imagined my days filled with cleaning up pee puddles.

I hope you are relishing in these beautiful June days, I can see the sun shining from my spot here on the bathroom floor. 


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  • A fabulous humorous look at the wonderful world of potty training. Hang in there...patience is a virtue....rewards come to those who's always darkest before the dawn...and every other worn out adage! I bet you'll see progres before you know it. Can't wait for Chapter 3!

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