The City of Chicago Towed My Car

The City of Chicago Towed My Car

Wednesday morning the kids, my sister and I headed to The Green City Market.  The weather was perfect in a not too hot, not too cold kinda way.  We watched The Bubble Man, ate tamales, crepes and smoothies. We bought strawberries, cherries, snap peas, shallots, potatoes, horseradish cheese, bread and sun flowers.  

Then since we hadn’t eaten enough deliciousness, Haagen Daaz passed out free ice cream to advertise a new movie.  I have no clue what movie it was for, so I guess it wasn’t the best promotion.

It was a pretty perfect summer morning, but my son was anxious to get to camp so we slowly headed towards our car on Stockton near The Lincoln Park Zoo.  We were talking and looking around that I didn’t noticed we passed our car, we walked back and forth about four times past the ice cream giveaway before we realized my Honda CRV was no where to be found.

After a call to 311, it was discovered the car was towed.   It was claimed we were in a tow zone, but I still do not see any signage or indication that is the truth.  Luckily, my not so happy husband came to take the now crying boy to camp.  My sister, two year old and I hailed a cab and headed to the bowels of the city.

Have you every wondered what goes on underneath Randolph and Wacker Drive?  That is where they take our guilty  cars.  When our cab arrived at the pound,we noticed a lady on the phone crying and I braced myself for more drama. 

Keep in my mind we are juggling all our loot from the farmer’s market including 3 feet tall sunflowers. The employee behind the desk told me that the car wasn’t under my name (it is in my husband’s name apparently) and my address on my license wasn’t the same as the address on the Title, so I therefore needed a notarized letter.

I’m not sure what happened next, but I knew my son’s backpack was in the car and he needed it go swimming at camp and although he would hopefully forget in a few days, I would never let myself live it down.  For an unknown reason she decided if I paid $160 cash she would allow me to retrieve my car, but I should be thankful her supervisor wasn’t there.

After finding cash, we were freed. 

As I sprinted into camp with my son’s bathing suit, the look on his face made it all worth it.

Next week we are taking the bus.

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