New York, Home & Meatless Monday

I just returned home from a weekend away.  Traveling to New York and New Jersey through five year old’s eyes opened my own eyes.  Energetic, entertained and engulfed in his current surroundings. 


I experienced some bad travel moments with this same child.  At nine months flying to Philadelphia with my mother-in-law.  There was nothing that could satisfy this uncomfortable baby and my seatmates showed their discomfort.  At age two pacing up and down the aisles and changing an embarrassing diaper on the floor while on the runaway for two hours, when our journey had not yet even begun.  Age three constantly kicking the seat in front of him.

Today he sat content thanks to an IPhone and DVD Player allowing me to indulge in a magazine.  He made the tedious traveling exciting as we marveled at the tram from Economy Parking to O’Hare, played on the moving sidewalks and gazed at the enormous airplanes from the window. 


He walked blocks and blocks dropping his street vendor hotdog and commenting on the large number of yellow cabs.  We watched a man play a piano in the middle of Washington Square Park on a beautiful summer evening. 

 Now we are back reunited with his sister. The bickering has begun, and the laundry is overflowing. My to-do list is long including cooking for Meatless Monday.

For Meatless Monday I’m hoping to make a curry dish.  I found a simple recipe over at Fat Free Vegan.  Click here for the writer’s account of her meal.  I hope I will have time to run to the store and get the ingredients today.  Plus, I’m eager to use the cilantro from my garden.

What are you eating today?  I hope you are loving this weather. Only a week and a half left of school.  Summer is here!

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