Meatless Monday: Baked Eggplant Parmesan

My second cousin’s wife mentioned Eggplant Parmesan on my Facebook page as her Meatless Monday meal.  When I asked her to share her recipe, she wrote she was laughing as she doesn’t cook.  The dinner was store bought at Trader Joes.  I adore Trader Joes and purchase some of my best meals (and snacks) from them, but I was wondering if cooking could be easy and I could convert her.

This recipe from All Recipes has seven ingredients and four steps, one being turning on the oven.  The eggplant is baked, a much healthier method than traditionally frying. 

 The preparation took about 30 minutes and was simple and straightforward.  Cut the eggplant, dip in egg, breadcrumbs and cook 5 minutes per side at 350 degrees.  Then layer with sauce and cheese and repeat.  I finished with some fresh basil from my garden and baked for 35 minutes.

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The outcome was delicious hearty comfort food.  The house wafted home cooked dinner smell and my family sat down for our first dinner of the week together. We shared our rose and our thorn of our day. My loved ones smiled with their tomato sauce mustaches, and the kids had no clue they were eating a vegetable. 

If you don’t cook, this is an uncomplicated step by step process that is a satisfying introduction to the world of cooking.  Try it, you might like it! 

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This is my 100th post.  I am beyond grateful for my readers providing comments and feedback to encourage me to continue writing, develop this blog and reach this milestone.  Thank you.

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