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The City of Chicago Towed My Car

The City of Chicago Towed My Car
Wednesday morning the kids, my sister and I headed to The Green City Market.  The weather was perfect in a not too hot, not too cold kinda way.  We watched The Bubble Man, ate tamales, crepes and smoothies. We bought strawberries, cherries, snap peas, shallots, potatoes, horseradish cheese, bread and sun flowers.   Then since we hadn’t eaten... Read more »

The Potty Chronicles Part II

I cannot believe I wrote about this topic once, let alone twice.  After months, of talking about potty training, gathering information and dreading it, I decided Monday morning enough was enough; we were going cold turkey and quitting the diapers. Oh, how many times I’ve thought of going back to the diapers.  Just one, I try... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Grilled Peppers and Avocado Blueberry Salad

While vacationing with family in South Carolina we feasted on endless fresh meals. After a hot and tiring day at the beach, no one cared to spend hours preparing complicated meals in the kitchen. One night my sister-in-law, a chef, prepared a visually colorful, healthy meal.  She chopped up red, yellow and orange peppers, zucchini and asparagus.  Then drizzled very light vegetable... Read more »

Home From Vacation, Time to Face the Babysitter Search

The past six days have been spent in a warm Southern home filled to the brim with family.  It was a treat to watch my kids get dirty and splash in the water soaking up the freedom.  I appreciated not feeling pressure to accomplish anything besides getting my kids’ to sleep, and that surely was a major challenge. Now that I’m home, I have to... Read more »

Meatless Monday Guest Post: Lime Quinoa

By the time you are reading this, I should be sitting on a sunny beach building sand castles with my kids.   I will do my best to eat meatless in the South. I am not yet sure if that will be a challenge, there is a lot of fried food here.  Author of Feast for All Seasons, Sarah... Read more »

Read To Your Kids During Summer

I am not a student and my son is only just “graduated” from Pre-K, but yesterday after his last day of school, I was singing “Schools Out for the Summer” and felt the sense of relief and freedom of a younger me. I love the warm, light evenings, no socks and carefree moments of the summer.  But, I know it... Read more »

My Thumb Sucker Must Quit

My almost three year old sucks her thumb.  I have always been glad she’s a thumb sucker, as I know when she is tired and her thumb soothes her from crying often.  She doesn’t have a blanket like her brother, who has had problems sleeping if he doesn’t have it with him.  Luckily, she always has her thumb. Yesterday we went... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Baked Eggplant Parmesan

My second cousin’s wife mentioned Eggplant Parmesan on my Facebook page as her Meatless Monday meal.  When I asked her to share her recipe, she wrote she was laughing as she doesn’t cook.  The dinner was store bought at Trader Joes.  I adore Trader Joes and purchase some of my best meals (and snacks) from them, but I was... Read more »

New York, Home & Meatless Monday

I just returned home from a weekend away.  Traveling to New York and New Jersey through five year old’s eyes opened my own eyes.  Energetic, entertained and engulfed in his current surroundings.  I experienced some bad travel moments with this same child.  At nine months flying to Philadelphia with my mother-in-law.  There was nothing that could... Read more »

Too Much Paper

I am proud of my son’s drawings and love to see how much he is improving.  That said I cannot deal with all the paper accumulating. I admire the masterpiece, maybe hang it on the fridge in a rotating display.  Then I recycle it.   Am I going to regret not saving these and countless other pieces of... Read more »