Oprah's Surprise Spectacular

Tonight The United Center wasn’t The Bulls home it was Oprah Winfreys.  The venue was organized and transformed into a tribute to a woman who came from little and made many lives very big.


The lineup was beyond impressive, but to me it was Oprah’s philanthropy that provided the magic.  The celebrities all traveled to pay homage to Oprah and repeatedly tell her although she doesn’t have her own children, she mothered many.





The guests included:


Tom Hanks

Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes

Patty LaBelle

Josh Groban



Diane Sawyer

Rascal Flatts

Halle Berry

Queen Latifah

Dakota Fanning

Will Smith

Jada Smith

Michael Jordan

Jamie Foxx

Stevie Wonder

Jerry Seinfeld

Rosie O’Donnell (sang with Nate Berkus, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz)

Simon Cowell

Gayle King

Maria Shriver

Tyler Perry

Kristen Chenoweth

Maya Angelou

Alicia Keys


Aretha Franklin




More than any of those big names, I take away the 425 Moorhead graduates parading on stage with candles that would not have graduated college if Oprah hadn’t funded their education.  

I’ll take away the 25 new libraries that are being built in Oprah’s name and the 25,000 oak trees planted to provide a better life for our children, the next generation.

Oprah’s staff is to be commended for assembling an elaborate, detailed two shows all of which were a genuine surprise to the star.  It was clear she was honestly touched and humbled by the tribute. 

We didn’t get a car, a vacation or a pony, but the audience calmly exited with a memory of a night that will definitely never be forgotten. 



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  • I totally agree it was a tribute to Oprah... celebs, well chreographed moments, but most of all heart felt acknowledgement of the difference she has made to people without a voice. She has quietly contributed philanthropically in many many ways. Fun, flashy and yet inspiring. But the United Center is still MJ's house...and Usher.."oh happy day."

  • Literally growing up watching Oprah and now my 7 year old refers to her, she has had such a huge impact on my life! I must admit that I wish that I could have been at this event! But I know that I will meet her exactly when I am supposed to and when I least expect it! Of course, like all great things in my life! Beth, Thank you for allowing us to feel like we were a part of this event! Bless you and Bless Oprah!!

  • In reply to Birungiives:

    Watch on Monday and Tuesday, I think it will be pretty cool on television as well. You will see how many lives Oprah has touched.

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