How Hot it Too Hot?

The past 48 hours have reached record hot temperatures in Chicago.  My air conditioning can’t cool my house. The dog is permanently panting and my son came home from school with heat exhaustion.  Some may say it is the perfect weather for yoga. 


Yoga originated in India on Ashrams where it is hot.  Air conditioning was not an option.  Our muscles stretch deeper when warm.  I understand these points.

But, why are yoga studios so warm in the summer?  I walk in the studio before class even begins and am uncomfortable in the muggy, crowded room.  As the class progresses, the space becomes warmer and sweatier. To me, a fresh air practice is ideal. 

I’m not asking for cold rooms by any means, just comfortable.

There are heated studios such as Bikram and Core Power Yoga. The students entering those classes are prepared for the temperature and benefit from the cleansing of toxins from the heat. 

Am I the only one who would enjoy a breezy practice?


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  • I agree 100%, a cool environment is needed. We all know the value of warm muscles, but where is the "joy" in the journey if you are miserable? I am considering not going to yoga for the summer if its miserable...and I told my teacher so.

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