Donate to Help Tornado Victims in Missouri

Natural disasters seem to be occurring way more frequently than when I was a kid.  I’m wondering if it is caused by global warming or pollution in our environment.

Sunday night the sky in Chicago became overcast and rumblings of tornado warnings showed up on my television, computer and news alerts.  I learned that the terrible weather luckily passed over us, but hit Missouri and nearly destroyed the town of Joplin, killed 89 people and injured many.

While many mock social media, I love to remind those skeptics the power of the Internet.  As soon as I woke up this morning I read of other bloggers helping to raise funds for the victims.




Please donate to The Salvation Army to help this family.



Or donate to help the staff and patients at this hospital.



 Or donate for those drivers that take this road to work or to see their families.


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