I Read "Two Kisses for Maddy" In One Sitting

I’m not sure if it is a New Moon, the start of April or something in the air, but this week has been all about firsts.  Monday I cooked Indian food, yesterday I tried Zumba and today I read a book in one sitting. 

I know reading a book shouldn’t be a major accomplishment, but it’s one of those things that has fallen to the wayside the past few years.  As a younger me, the most enjoyable time period for me was engulfed in a book.  Beginning with Judy Blume and moving on to Jennifer Weiner and Wally Lamb, the act of becoming sucked into a character’s world and erasing the line between real and fiction was an ideal past time. 

A combination of a low attention span, parenting, yoga and technology literally has left me rarely completing books.  I have a stack of started novels neatly piled next to my bed, but none keep my attention span enough to put all the chaos to the side and read.


Courtesy of Gina Lee and Grand Central Publishing.

Until today when my daughter and I ventured to Barnes and Noble to find Matthew Logelin’s “Two Kisses for Maddy.”  This new biography is the true story of Matt’s wife, Liz, dying 27 hours after their daughter, Madeline, was born. 

He accurately describes real moments of a Midwest born 30 year old raising a premature infant alone.  He writes how he felt judged as a  bearded man alone with a newborn, how he spent $200 dollars on an outfit for Madeline because Liz would of wanted him to and how he juggled a baby and a Christmas tree home to give his daughter the life he knew his wife would of given her. I admire him not only for not giving up, but for taking Maddy to see the world, how he survives those marathon flights with a toddler, I will never understand.

I’ve been reading’s Matt’s blog for a while now, following his journey from overwhelmed new father to confident published writer.  I remember when he took his young daughter to India to write this book.  As I read his words, I imagine him retrieving these vivid and horrific memories of this life he was somehow chosen to live.

Matt’s story inspires me to be a better person.  His words remind me to let my husband have his way once in a while, to spend more time as a family and enjoy every single moment. 

Somehow he finds the joy to give money to help others going through grief as well. He created The Liz Logelin Foundation and 7% (Liz’s favorite number) of the sale of “Two Kisses for Maddy” goes to the nonprofit.

For one day I turned off the television, the computer, put away the BlackBerry and cuddled up with a beautifully written book that reminds me life is uncertain. I don’t want to have any regrets if my life was to change drastically in 27 hours as it did for Matt.


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