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My Attempt for Oprah Tickets

As I do most mornings with my coffee, yesterday I woke up and checked my twitter stream.  I was notified of the devastating stories of tornados that had destroyed the south overnight. Is it me, or does it seem there are more tragic natural disasters as of lately?  We can all help by donating time, blood or money to The... Read more »

The Royal Wedding is Days Away

I love weddings.   I have never witnessed a wedding that I haven’t cried. I’ve snuck into weddings that I was not invited to.  If your wedding was in Hawaii or outside the Lincoln Park Zoo, I might be in your photos as I was intrigued (and possibly crying). When else do you have all... Read more »

There is No Place Like Home

I read another blog with this same title, and it inspired this post.  Many seem to have traveled to visit loved ones this weekend for Spring Break, Passover and Easter.  Traveling often reminds us of the famous line at the finale of The Wizard of Oz, which coincidently we watched as a family this weekend. My home is comfortable, familiar, bright and the walls of... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup

Today is the last night of Passover, and we still cannot eat bread and grains.  My chef sister-in-law, suggested a cold cucumber soup and mentioned how cleansing it is.  Below is the simple recipe. Cacik: Cold Yogurt Soup 2c plain yogurt1 clove garlic finely minced1 large cucumber, peeled seeded and shredded (box grater is fine-do over bowl to catch... Read more »

A Day at The Art Institute of Chicago

If you are like most Chicagoans, you are aware of our city’s top-notch art museum.  You probably drive by it when you are on Michigan Avenue and point it out to your visiting friends.  But, how often do you actually go to The Art Institute of Chicago?   Friends, we have this gorgeous building in... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Brussel Sprouts, Giveaway Winner and a New Cookbook

How is it Monday again?  Time is flying way too fast for me to keep up.  Today is a little different than the average Monday for two reasons.  1.  It is Spring Break.  I won’t complain about the fact there is snow on the ground! I haven’t planned much, although I have a feeling this... Read more »

Are You Able to Let Go?

Are You Able to Let Go?
I have a hard time sitting still.  My head swims with chores I should be doing, projects I need to start or I activities I want to share with my kids.  Although I have always loved yoga, I initially had a hard time with savasana.  At the end of class, we lay on our backs in complete... Read more »

Live Video of Eagles Hatching

Somehow I stumbled on this Ustream video of an eagle mom in Iowa sitting on a nest keeping her eagle babies warm.  There have been three hatches that have taken place on camera in the past few weeks.  It is voyeuristic, but amazing to watch this beautiful eagle family up close and personal.     I... Read more »

A Giveaway Celebrating Earth Month

I have a snacking problem.  I’ve written before about how I eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and then comes 3:00, and I break down.  I’m always looking for the perfect satisfying, yet filling fix to get me to dinner time.  Almonds tie me over, but I crave sweetness.  I found the solution. Svelte protein drink is all... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Quinoa Burgers

Another Chicago Now blogger wrote a compelling piece about the superfood quinoa and suggested this week’s recipe.  I didn’t know much about quinoa and did some research. Quinoa, pronounced keenwa, has a very high protein content and contains amino acids, which can ward of illnesses.  In addition, it contains a large amount of fiber and iron.  Quinoa... Read more »