Why I Feel Sorry for Charlie Sheen

I’m sure you have seen Charlie Sheen on The Today Show or 20/20 this week.  His quotes about being on the drug of Charlie Sheen, winning and trusting his toddler twins to a porn star are creating conversations everywhere.

I don’t think he is crazy, I think he is sick and has a problem.  I don’t know the man, so it might not be fair to make assumptions.  Looking and listening to him he seems unauthentic.  He is successful, he has the money to do what he pleases and does not need to depend or listen to anyone.

Drama has followed him for years.  From Platoon to Wall Street to Spin City to Two and a Half Men, he has been around.  Five children and many failed marriages played out on the cover of magazines.  His indulgences have been documented, as he has grown older on our screens. 

We’ve seen this happen with Britney Spears.  It is sad that every mistake these addicts make are multiplied in the media.   If he were in a sane mind he would never say the things he has said to countless press outlets. 

According to Twitter, 2 days ago @charliesheen had 369,261 followers in a day. @redcross has 281,006 followers since June 2007.  Isn’t that unbelievable that our society is more interested in a drugged up 80s star then the millions of people in our world suffering through natural disasters?

I am just as intrigued as many of you.  Why do we care?

Would it be too ideal of a world for me to wish yoga and peace on Charlie Sheen?

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  • human nature is inherently harsh. we love to build people up only to tear them down. we are a jealous people too. the reason we like to see personal tragedy from celebrities is that they "have things better than us." someone who makes millions and still complains about not making enough strikes the wrong note for many people, so they start hoping for something bad. but people don't love tragedy across the board. the people the red cross help aren't making millions, so we don't wish harm upon them. but that also means we don't want to be reminded of them necessarily. their plights make us feel bad, those of falling stars make us feel better about ourselves. like i said, we're a twisted race.

  • In reply to kevinlole:

    Agreed we are a twisted race. I feel bad for Martin Sheen too.

  • In reply to kevinlole:

    I'm a little late to the party here so maybe I missed to boat to comment. But, regardless of Sheen's motivations, this is so much bigger than him. He is a product created for our consumption. We consume the media amplifications and seek out more. Maybe he is crazy. Maybe he is sick. But he exists for our addiction to celebrity subculture.

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