The Shiny Wheels of a Parent

I love to walk.  My mom, sister and I walked 60 miles for breast cancer.  I’ve walked from Montrose to Chinatown.  In my pre-kids days, I walked countless blocks from home, el, bus, and work, twice daily.  I didn’t have a car before I had my son and walked everywhere.

Incorporating walking into my life as a mom was easy.  My son loved the stroller; it kept him quiet, entertained and occupied.  We did errands, beach gazing, zoo strolls and coffee stops with him content in the stroller. 


When my daughter joined us, it took a few months to figure out how to incorporate her into our walks.  I tried the Sit and Stand because I was intrigued by the length opposed to the width of the stroller.  But, the wheels were crap and every bump bounced and jiggled my babies.  I did break a sweat trying to mangle that apparatus.

Then I got The Bob.  This was a temporary dream.  The kids’ got a smooth ride and I was in heaven – the wheels had shocks.  We walked to school, tumbling, Starbucks and the grocery store.  It was ideal until my daughter learned how to escape the straps.

She is skinny and quite limber and can get out of the straps.  No matter how tight I make them. She kneels, stands and climbs over the stroller.  While the stroller is moving.  Then she wants to walk, or worse have me carry her. While pushing the stroller. 

My son still enjoys the ride, but he is now 5 and pushing 45 pounds.  How old is too old to ride in a stroller?  How am I still able to walk with two kids not fit for a stroller? 

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and I’m itching to get out and walk.

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