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Meatless Monday For Under Five Dollars

There is a truth to the complaint that eating healthy is expensive.  Shopping at Whole Foods and farmer’s markets put a major hole in my weekly budget.  Essentially you are paying for the quality, the lack of pesticides and chemicals, which seems worth it to me.  I was thrilled to find the website Five Dollar... Read more »

I Can't Hear You I'm Texting

“I’m listening to you.”  My husband says while texting his coworker, watching SportCenter and playing chess on the laptop. “I heard you.” I told my kids as I was Gmail chatting with my Mom, downloading new tunes for our IPod and emailing about a play date from my BlackBerry. “I didn’t hear you calling me.” My... Read more »

My Child Reminded Me to Smile

My son knocked the wind out of me when I least expected it. With his words.  He asked me why I wasn’t smiling.  The reason I wasn’t smiling was I was rushing to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door to drop the kids at my parent’s house and race to make a 9 a.m. yoga... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Crock Pot Falafel and Kale Chips

After last week’s heavy pasta dish, I searched for a recipe that is opposite of the stereotypical vegetarian noodle meal. I stumbled upon Crock Pot Falafel and anticipated the unique, protein rich dinner would be devoured by my family. I spent a summer in Israel as a vegetarian teenager and lived on falafel (and Nutella).  I’ve unsuccessfully attempted other falafel recipes,... Read more »

The Shiny Wheels of a Parent

I love to walk.  My mom, sister and I walked 60 miles for breast cancer.  I’ve walked from Montrose to Chinatown.  In my pre-kids days, I walked countless blocks from home, el, bus, and work, twice daily.  I didn’t have a car before I had my son and walked everywhere. Incorporating walking into my life as a mom was easy. ... Read more »

Why I Feel Sorry for Charlie Sheen

I’m sure you have seen Charlie Sheen on The Today Show or 20/20 this week.  His quotes about being on the drug of Charlie Sheen, winning and trusting his toddler twins to a porn star are creating conversations everywhere. I don’t think he is crazy, I think he is sick and has a problem.  I don’t know... Read more »

A Chicago Train Adventure

My grandmother never learned to drive during her entire 93 years of life.  As a child, my sister and I joined her on adventures throughout Evanston and Chicago.  It is surprising that I don’t remember much about the destinations, but more about the fun we had on the way.  Walking, riding the train and cabs through city blocks and... Read more »