My Child Reminded Me to Smile

My son knocked the wind out of me when I least expected it. With his words.  He asked me why I wasn’t smiling. 


The reason I wasn’t smiling was I was rushing to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door to drop the kids at my parent’s house and race to make a 9 a.m. yoga class. 

Once I arrived on my mat at class, I began to ponder his question. Was it possible to smile and get the kid’s dressed? Of course it is possible.  I should be smiling and cherishing this moment. 

As my teacher reminded us to be present, I reflected on how fast my kids are growing and soon the day will come when they won’t need or want my help. 

 I found my lips turning upward as my eyes connected with my teacher.  In return she genuinely smiled at me.  Most people will smile at you if you smile at them first.  The simple smile makes the giver and receiver pleased.  Try it. 


The remainder of my day I consciously smiled.  While driving home from my parents I noticed I was unexpressive, then my boy’s words popped in my thoughts and I turned around and smiled at him as he innocently looked out the window.  His immediate reaction was to smile back.  And a moment was made, no words, only a smile.

Doesn’t a person look so much better when smiling?  It isn’t just their mouth that is different; I notice a lot of smiles in other’s eyes, body language and even demeanor. 

I am smiling right now as I’m typing these words.  Are you?

*   *   *

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  • You are so right, it's the mind-body connection! And this blog made me smile....

  • I agree. I naturally tend to smile at people and 99% of the time, they smile back...even total strangers. Keep smiling, Beth, especially to your precious children.

  • Just don't smile at random children on the street. And women in the workplace. Or if someone is threatening you. But I agree that you should smile at everyone else. Except people with tin foil on their heads. Don't smile at them either.

  • I love when our kids remind us of what's really important. So sweet!

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