Meatless Monday: Mushroom-Manchego Quesadillas

My husband and my perfect dinner is a cut up apple, warm bread and three cheeses from Pastoral.  We always choose a soft, hard and blue.  The hard one is Manchego every single time.  I try to branch out and try others, but always go back to the sharp, strong taste of the Manchego cheese.

Although it is by far my favorite cheese, I’ve never cooked with it. As soon I as saw the name of my beloved cheese in this recipe at Vegetarian Times, I knew I would be making Mushroom-Manchego Quesadillas this week.

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The ingredients are simple and basic.  In preparing for this meal, I realized that I enjoy cooking on Mondays because I’m dealing with fresh and flavorful ingredients.  In contrast, raw meat is not my preferred component to touch.

I was unsure if I would include the jalapeno pepper, as we don’t love super spicy meals.  I broiled and then cut out the seeds of the pepper and it was not fiery at all. I think the seeds are what contain all the heat.  It was a delicious and zesty addition to the mushrooms and cheese.

My broiler wasn’t working its best, or maybe I’m not sure how to work the broiler, and the finished result was a little charred, but, surprisingly scrumptious.  My husband rated it a 9 out of 10.  Not bad, for a fairly easy dinner. 


My kids ate cheese quesadillas as they insisted they would not eat mushroom or peppers.  I snuck one mushroom in each quesadilla hoping they wouldn’t notice.  Sure enough, my son, and his mushroom detector, spotted it immediately.

Since beginning Meatless Monday, I’m amazed at how the absence of meat one day a week really shapes the way I eat the remaining six days.  I am less interested in processed foods and appreciate the beauty in fresh ingredients. 

I’m also thrilled at the excitement I find in planning, shopping and preparing my family’s Monday meals.  What did you eat for your Meatless Monday?  As always, share your recipes and results with me as I’m already planning next week’s meal. 

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Happy first day of spring!



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  • Hi beth,
    You are doing greatand your quesadilla looks so good !! Here is a challenge. Go one week with NO processed foods. You will see how easy it is and will continue the habit. I really never use processed foods and make quick meals all the time. It is very easy once you get the hang of it and keep some basics in the house to use often. I know you can do it.

  • In reply to shellywaldman1:

    Hi Shelly, I am always up for a challenge. I think I can go without processed foods, but it would be harder for the kids. I will try.

    I am definitely inspired by you when I cook. I admire how you use fresh ingredients and seem to effortlessly whip up delicous meals.

    Thanks for commenting.

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