Meatless Monday For Under Five Dollars

There is a truth to the complaint that eating healthy is expensive.  Shopping at Whole Foods and farmer’s markets put a major hole in my weekly budget.  Essentially you are paying for the quality, the lack of pesticides and chemicals, which seems worth it to me. 

I was thrilled to find the website Five Dollar Dinners.  My dinners always cost over $5, as I easily spend $100 at the grocery store with little more than one dinner, a few days of breakfast, lunch and snacks.  This week’s recipe, Tomato Basil Quiche is meatless, cheese less and can feed the family for a little bit more than the price of a large Chai Tea Latte. 

To be fair, the writer of 5 Dollar Dinners grew her vegetables and herbs in her garden therefore not including them in the cost of the dinner.  I also used organic milk ($3) and cage-free eggs ($4) which, again, is worth it to me.  Regardless, this meal is definitely low cost and for sure under ten dollars. 


The original recipe includes homemade piecrust and as this was very much my intention, a needy two-year old made this very much impossible.  Luckily, I was able to grab a pack of two premade piecrusts from the freezer section of Jewel at the last minute.

Besides the needy child (no thanks to Daylight Savings) today was also busy as I was subbing a yoga class.  In the twenty minutes between yoga and picking up my son from school, I was able to chop the veggies and assemble the quiches and throw them in the oven.


I wish there was some way that you could smell how delicious my house smells right now.  The kids are looking forward to tasting the Egg Pie.  What kid does not enjoy pie?  Our week will continue to be meatless as there is plenty of quiche for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack.

If you are debating what to make for dinner tonight, you can make this quick and cheap.  Let me know how it turns out or if you made another recipe for Meatless Monday. 

Have a great week!

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  • Delicious! I don't know if you will have enough left over for as many extra meals as you thought. For some reason a pie is so much more delicious then a quiche!

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