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The Supermoon in Puerto Rico 3.19.11

This morning I was flowing through my yoga practice and noticed that I do not hold each pose very long.  Not because it is harder the longer the pose is held, but because I feel like I’m in a rush.   As in life, in yoga I am impatient.  I’m always thinking of my next sequence, next activity, next plan and therefore missing out on the present. 

Yesterday afternoon I was reading a fairy book to my daughter before her nap.  It was way past her normal naptime as we had met friends for lunch plus rode her new tricycle there and back.  I was anxious to get some of my to-do list done during her naptime.  As we read the book, she stopped on each page and pointed at every single fairy asking what color, name and detail and then repeated again and again.

Maybe she was stalling or maybe she was in the moment truly enjoying the beautifully illustrated story she was reading.  I breathed deeply and worked to appreciate the extra few minutes with her and hold the pose longer.

I hope to hold my asanas longer.  To really feel each muscle in my body active, to quiet my mind, to notice my breath, to be present. Once I stop thinking about what I’m doing, but actually feeling is when the magic begins.  As a yoga teacher, I worry my students are impatient waiting to see what happens next.   Maybe it is me who is impatient and they are content concentrating on their current posture. 

Yogi’s: do you enjoy holding poses for many minutes?  Do you see a benefit in it? How does this pass into everyday life?  Do you parents have tips to be more patient with children?

Life is short, I don’t want to miss anything. Hopefully this will reflect in my daily life as I grasp onto each moment a little longer. 



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  • I am hopeful your life is not short, but filled wtih music, happiness, love and contentment. I'm impressed that you have not waited to realize the joy is in the journey, and to savor all the good things you are fortunate to have in your life!

  • I admire your patience often. We do have the best times when there is no time restraints put on it.

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