Handstands On and Off the Mat

For all the years I’ve been practicing yoga, I always said, “I don’t do handstands.” In retrospect, I realize I was being a coward and scared to try this difficult pose.  I was worried of failing and falling. 

In the past I’ve stated, “I don’t ride elevators or go on airplanes.” Again, I was afraid.  Ironically, when I first moved to Chicago I lived and worked in elevator buildings.  That anxiety was forced to be thrown out the window, as my thighs could not handle walking up and down 14 flights of stairs, especially with groceries and laundry. 

I learned of the beauty and value of traveling and again confronted my phobia and safely rode many airplanes. Then somehow a combination of my crazy, adventurous family and my need to face my fears lead me to jump out of an airplane! 

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e falling from the sky was accomplished; my attitude towards doubting myself has never really been the same.  Yes, I am still frightened of many things.  But, I know that if I just do it, I will feel better.  And I almost always do. 

I decided to tackle the handstand dilemma because in reality I really wanted to do handstands. What is more freeing then being upside down and holding yourself up by your arms?  All it took was a really good teacher.  I cannot praise good teachers enough.  Whether it is a preschool teacher, yoga teacher or college professor, a passionate, dedicated teacher is priceless and really can change one’s life. 

My teacher gave me the confidence and spotted me so I could pop right up in a handstand and show myself that I could do the pose.  The sensation of the blood rushing to my face and my strong arms holding myself up is awesome.  But, even better is the attitude that I really can do anything I want.  I just have to try. 


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