Dancing in Roscoe Village

Dancing is my go to trick when I’m having a bad day.  Turning on music and moving always gets my entire family smiling. 

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The moms in my neighborhood have been talking for months about Roscoe Village’s newest addition, Baby Take a Bow.  The intimate studio offers ballet and other dance classes for little ones.  They also sell the most adorable leotards, tights,skirts,shoes and accessories for your ballerina. 

We live blocks from the studio and my daughter announces, “I go ballet” every single time we drive by, which is many times a day.  I am thrilled to watch her enthusiasm in movement and tutus and it excites me to see similar passion from my childhood in my own child. 

The owner is a sweet, local mom that is sincere and makes everyone entering the door feel special.  That is important to me.  I don’t like to give my money to snotty people who don’t have the time to say hello. 


Check out Baby Take a Bow at their Grand Opening event this weekend. See the space and enjoy ballet, hip-hop, giveaways and treats. 

I am grateful for our neighborhoods’ newest dance studio and I’m grateful my daughter is given an outlet to express herself, burn off energy, bond with other children and dance! 

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