The Potty Training Post

I hesitate to write this as I know if you are not knee deep in pee, poo and Pull-Ups that you could care less about potty training.  I’ve decided that hopefully some of you are going through this too and could give me a tip or at least motivate me to move forward with it.

With my first child I stressed about potty training.  Every single night he would sit on the potty for hours as I read Elmo Goes Potty to him.  I was worried that he would never be potty trained as other kids his age were already wearing underwear.  I had charts, graphs, books, you name it I tried it. Someone wise told me. “No kids go to college not potty trained.”  So true, really no kids go to Kindergarten not potty trained. They all learn in their own time.


That is my philosophy with my second child.  She goes on the potty about once a day, but if I put underwear on her she goes in her underwear and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. 

I think I need to spend a day really focusing on her and going to the potty.  Honestly, it is so much easier to keep her in diapers.  I don’t have to worry about getting her to the bathroom the exact minute she needs to go. Now I am at the point that I’ve decided I’m simply lazy.

Then the incentive was dangled in front of my face.  She can go to day camp this summer with her brother if she is potty trained.  I’m imagining warm, summer mornings that I can enjoy the beautiful city alone.  I’m intrigued.  An opportunity for her to swim, go to the park and do art with other kids her age?  I need to motivate and get this girl potty trained fast. 

I need your tips, please. 

She is two and half, this is the time I should do it, right?  Or will she learn in her own time?



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  • While I certainly understand the appeal of a few blissful hours alone this summer, a wise mentor of mine once said "there are three things you can't make a child do: eat, sleep, or pee. All you can do is create conditions that make it attractive for them and wait for them to get around to it."

    I think if you're REALLY motivated to make it happen by this summer, you can. Four months is a long time. And what if she's mostly potty trained? Is the kind of camp where they will change her wet clothes if she has an accident? Would they kick her out if she has accidents every day?

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