The Chicago Blizzard 2011 is Here

After days of talking, stocking up on essentials, charging phones and laptops the Snowpocalypse is here.   Last night we watched the snow accumulate, listened to the weather report and refreshed our Internet checking on nearby conditions.

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I felt a sense of community as I received texts and emails from family and friends and every Facebook and Twitter post was providing new information about Snowmaggedon. As the night wore on, I became concerned as I read the horrific stories of commuters stranded on Lake Shore Drive. 

Around midnight a twitter post read that a pregnant lady was stuck at Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive for 8 hours and needed food.  Within a few minutes another driver at Belmont said he would go help her.

Whether it is neighbors helping each other shovel and getting cars dug out or checking in on eldery, it is refreshing to see people lending a hand to each other.  When the city is forced to stop we have no where to go and no reason to rush.  Life slows down and sometimes that is what we need to remember what is important. 

Are you safe and warm?  What are you doing during your snow day? I’m hoping the worst is over and the afternoon can consist of hot chocolate and snow angels. 

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