The Best Parenting Advice

When I became a new mom I received a lot of unsolicited advice from friends, strangers, family members and my Internet friends.  Nothing was really earth shattering. I heard over and over again “sleep when the baby sleeps,” but any mom knows this is impossible due to the laundry, cleaning, showering, eating and possibly paying attention to other child that must be done at that time.

Nobody ever told me the most important advice and I have chosen to disclose it to you. If you find a good babysitter, keep the name and do not share it with anyone. I have learned this the hard way, trust me.

I never had a babysitter until recently. Since my kids were born I had a few random names that I occasionally called.  No one was super trustworthy, responsible or available.  Then I found the one. 

The one that my kids run into her arms when she comes to the door.  The one that makes my kids’ meals with the scraps found in my fridge.  The one that teaches my daughter to go on the potty.  I was proud I had found the one and wanted to share her with others.

Bad idea.  Next thing I know Mary Poppins isn’t available next Saturday because she is at my friend’s house and Fridays she is at my cousins. Now I am back to square one to find someone new.

Trust me as a parent.  Share your recipes, share your baby clothes, share the carpool, but never ever share your babysitter. 


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  • ahhh, the cutthroat world of being a vicious! :-)

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