Taking the Fear Out of Trying Something New

Recently I began a new, small part time job.  When I sat down to perform my tasks, I found myself frozen and scared. I wondered to myself why I said “yes” that I would do this work.  My life seemed so much easier before I began to enter the unknown.

The learning curve to approach anything foreign is always a challenge.  Understanding new computer programs, lingo and contacts is quite intimidating.  I began to sense panic arising as a deadline was looming, so I turned towards my yoga practice for answers.


Looking inward reminded me to go for it in small steps.  When backbends seem unachievable, I approach the first phase by bringing my wrists by my ears.  Soon I feel confident in moving forward I open my heart and rise to the top of my head.  As that action feels attainable, I slowly work towards straightening my arms and my legs.  Once I am up in full wheel all the stress and worry erases and I feel elated.

I used this same tactic with my new responsibilities.  I started out mastering one move at a time until I finished the task I was assigned.  When completed I became relieved and when my boss told me she was thrilled with my performance, I felt the same bliss achieved during the backbend. 

It is scary to try new things.  Definitely easier to stay the same then start something uncomfortable.  But, the euphoria in the end makes it all worth it.   

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  • great stuff Beth! What's the new gig? It's tough to get confidence back but once you start taking baby steps it's back to second nature.... x

  • Good for you! I am so proud of you, always acting and achieving as a professional within or without an office.

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