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The Best Parenting Advice

When I became a new mom I received a lot of unsolicited advice from friends, strangers, family members and my Internet friends.  Nothing was really earth shattering. I heard over and over again “sleep when the baby sleeps,” but any mom knows this is impossible due to the laundry, cleaning, showering, eating and possibly paying... Read more »

The Aftermath of Chicago Blizzard 2011

The storm is over.  Yesterday was an unexpected, cozy day at home.  Today I am ready to get outside.  We are snowed in.    The City of Chicago has not yet plowed our street or our alley.  My husband has been outside shoveling for hours.  We are stuck.    This is where I turn to... Read more »

The Chicago Blizzard 2011 is Here

After days of talking, stocking up on essentials, charging phones and laptops the Snowpocalypse is here.   Last night we watched the snow accumulate, listened to the weather report and refreshed our Internet checking on nearby conditions. I felt a sense of community as I received texts and emails from family and friends and every Facebook and Twitter post... Read more »