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A Recap of My Meatless Monday

If you read my post last week, you read of my intention to prepare Papperdelle with Broccoli Rabe and Ricotta in honor of Meatless Monday. After finally I got my hyperactive kids to bed, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner.  Once I started, I began to really enjoy the process of following a recipe and creating a... Read more »

I'm Ready for the Oscars Tonight

I’ve never been a movie person.  My husband was and still is shocked that I never saw “The Godfather” trilogy, “Fletch” or “My Blue Heaven.”  My limited attention span doesn’t make me a good movie watcher.  As a side note, I’ve noticed, in order to succeed at yoga, you must have a long attention span. ... Read more »

A Delicious Recipe for Meatless Monday

Did you see the Oprah about veganism?  The graphic images of the slaughterhouses reinforced my love of animals and my secret wish that I could actually be vegan.  I spent years in my high school and college life as a vegetarian. My now husband, then boyfriend told me he would not live with me unless I ate... Read more »

Taking the Fear Out of Trying Something New

Recently I began a new, small part time job.  When I sat down to perform my tasks, I found myself frozen and scared. I wondered to myself why I said “yes” that I would do this work.  My life seemed so much easier before I began to enter the unknown. The learning curve to approach... Read more »

I am Grateful For...

I have been whiny lately.  I have no right to complain when I have so much to be grateful for. 1.  The Sun. When it is shining I feel spring is in the future. The sun makes everything seems a little brighter and warmer. (I’m still searching for it today). 2.  Family.  Everyone from my husband to sister to parents to in... Read more »

How I Spent Twelve Hours Alone

How I Spent Twelve Hours Alone
  Last weekend my husband was away on business and my parents graciously allowed my kids to sleepover.  I had 12 hours to myself for the first time in recent memory.  Did I go out with my childless friends I never see?  Did I go to a movie alone?  Did I run errands, clean the... Read more »

The Potty Training Post

I hesitate to write this as I know if you are not knee deep in pee, poo and Pull-Ups that you could care less about potty training.  I’ve decided that hopefully some of you are going through this too and could give me a tip or at least motivate me to move forward with it.... Read more »

To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate Valentine's Day

My stance on Valentine’s Day is mixed.  I adore the idea of saying, “I love you” because frankly when is it not a good time to say those three words?  Yet, as an old roommate of mine would remind me yearly, “Everyday should be Valentine’s Day.”  That would be beautiful, but it isn’t our reality. My parents... Read more »

The Truth Provides Warmth

Yesterday was a day when I needed yoga.  With a sick husband at home, I dragged my freezing body through the bitter cold to yoga with hopes, at least, to warm up. The class was about Satya.  Satya is a Sanksrit word meaning truth or purity.  This was an appropriate class for me as I was reminded how much... Read more »

Chicago, Spring is Coming

If you are anything like me, you are beginning to feel the need for this winter to be over. I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and enjoy seasons.  I marvel at the beauty of the first snow and enjoy bundling up and nesting during the cold, dark evenings. It has now been three... Read more »