I'm Ready for the Oscars Tonight

I’ve never been a movie person.  My husband was and still is shocked that I never saw “The Godfather” trilogy, “Fletch” orMy Blue Heaven.”  My limited attention span doesn’t make me a good movie watcher.  As a side note, I’ve noticed, in order to succeed at yoga, you must have a long attention span.  That must be what attracts me to it.  It is the ying to my yang.

Back to movies, very recently I have begun to see the pure pleasure of the escape.  Since becoming a mom, I have realized that sitting in a quiet and dark room, becoming immersed in someone else’s life, has its benefits. 

 In a last attempt to enjoy tonight’s Oscars, we went to see “The Kings Speech” last night at the Davis Theatre.  This might have been my first time at Lincoln Square’s Davis Theatre and I must say it was a nice quaint relief from the bright lights of the mega theatres we usually visit.  We enjoyed the old school vibe, except in the much to be desired bathrooms.

“The King’s Speech” had a beautiful message about loyalty, friendship and overcoming hurdles to achieve success.  There were a few slow moments, but I understand why an Oscar will most likely be handed to Colin Firth for being able to accurately portray a King’s son with a stutter, or a stammer as my husband claims it is. 

We also managed to squeeze in an On Demand viewing of “The Social Network” this weekend.   The movie is another true, interesting story about a brilliant conniving man with a vivid idea.  I was really impressed that Justin Timberlake is more than just a pop star from a boy-band.

With those two movies and our earlier viewing of “Black Swan,” I think I’ve got the front runners covered.  Plus some cutting edge fashion and pizza…it should be a good night. 


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