A Recap of My Meatless Monday

If you read my post last week, you read of my intention to prepare Papperdelle with Broccoli Rabe and Ricotta in honor of Meatless Monday.

After finally I got my hyperactive kids to bed, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner.  Once I started, I began to really enjoy the process of following a recipe and creating a special meal for my husband and me.  While I chopped and stirred, my husband became my sous chef, and we were able to catch up.  Together we created this.



There were many steps in the recipe from boiling to ice bath to sauteing the broccoli rabe, but really it was a very simple recipe. The finishing consistency was mouthwatering.  The sauce was creamy, but not too rich.

If I had one complaint, I would say that the dish wasn’t necessarily hot.  The ricotta got cold when mixed with the hot water.  Next time, I suggest to take out the cheese from the refrigerator to set to more of a room temperature before mixing in. 

My husband and I both ate a large portion and were substantially stuffed, yet, we still had a nice amount of leftovers.  I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow. 



I’m going to remember this dish if we invite another couple over, especially if one is a vegetarian.  I think my Meatless Monday was a major success.

How did your Meatless Monday meal turn out? Do you have any suggestions for next week’s recipe? 

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