Please Help Me Feed My Family

Please Help Me Feed My Family

The single most stressful part of my day is not my concern for my kids’ safety.  Not my worry to pay all of our bills on time.  No, the single most stressful part of my day is what to make for dinner.


There are four factors that make this decision difficult.

1.  My husband eats nothing in the form of a leftover.  Nothing.

2.  My son eats no vegetables besides tomatoes.

3.  My daughter says, “no” to pretty much anything you put in front of her unless it is pizza or hot dogs.

4.  I try to eat and cook as healthy as possible.

I enjoy cooking.  It is important for our family to sit down and eat together. Dinner is a treasured, valuable, brief time where we each talk and share about the highs and lows of our days doing our best to keep technology and distractions away. 

I hope to teach my children about healthy eating, fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables and the dangers of unnatural, processed foods.  My kids do show interest in helping me cook, I just need the recipes.

When the time comes to prepare dinner I never seem to have the ingredients I need and when I’m at the grocery store, I never seem to think of what I need.  Maybe I need a standard grocery list.

To be clear and fair to my husband, he has no expectations of me (that I know of) to have dinner cooked and ready when he gets home everyday.  He is always happy with takeout.  I actually think he did a 365-day takeout experiment successfully before we lived together. 

Do you meal plan?  Do you have a recipe that is always a success with your entire family? 



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  • Creating good meals starts with being inspired (at least for me).

    This may be unrealistic for you, but I get most of my meal ideas from Food Network. I take a couple hours a week to watch a few shows (try to record them and fast forward commercials) and when I'm inspired by the food, I jot down the recipe or put my own spin on it. I usually get three or four meal ideas a week all from watching TV! (But I call it "research".)

    Good luck. Also try The Gastrokid Cookbook. I got it for Xmas and found a few good recipes. There may also be a blog associated with it.

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