Pink or Blue or Everything In Between

Pink or Blue or Everything In Between

While waiting in line today at Walgreens, a chatty woman commented on how adorable my two-year-old daughter was.  Since I was feeling frustrated after cleaning up the entire toothbrush aisle that she had just destroyed I commented, “She may look cute, but she isn’t” or something to that affect. 



This caused the lady behind the check out counter to tell me, “Just wait until they get older.”  Not exactly the words I wanted to hear after I just told myself to make it through the terrible twos and everything will be better. 

Next, another shopper commented that her five-year-old niece was in a terrible stage.  I told her how my five-year-old son was so much easier then my daughter.  Next thing I knew, there was a heated debate about who is easier girls or boys.

The Walgreens panel unanimously agreed that girls are hands down much harder.  I know I was definitely hard for my parents, but I didn’t have a brother to test this theory against.  I am sure my friend with two rowdy boys would beg to differ.


One of my yoga students was outwardly upset that she was pregnant with a boy.  I told her how I was first pregnant with a boy and was thrilled.  I explained how boys love their mothers, are independent, less dramatic and adorable. 

Then I realize maybe it isn’t boys versus girls.  Maybe it is specific to the individual child. 

What are your opinions, are girls harder to raise than boys? 

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  • i think you might be simplifying it too much. i think you can make generic comments on ease of raising a child based on gender, but you will most likely leave out of a lot of individualized attributes that your son or daughter can have. that said, i think boys are by far easier throughout their lives based on societal prejudices. for example, are you going to be as worried when a 16 dylan goes to a party in high school as opposed to a 16 year old amber? probably not.

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    Thanks, Kevin. I think we lucked out with D and got payback with A. Were you an easy kid?

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    supposedly i was a very agreeable child. my mom said i rarely cried (though she also said i was not a super happy baby). i was always this even keeled. or boring, depending on how you look at it. :-)

  • I am a firm believer that each child is different, no matter what their gender. That being said, I thought my son (and first born) was a challenge. Then, I had my daughter. As they both have intense and strong-willed personalities, my daughter seems to draw the energy out my my body and mind on a daily basis. It is almost as if she recharges her own energy by taking mine. This might sound harsh, but she has been in this stage since month 18 and she will be 3 in July, so mama is a little drained.

    My friends with daughters say this will pass, but when? I feel like I talk to myself a lot during the day repeating my new mantras, "Love is patient, love is kind." and "This, too, shall pass."

    I do need to recommend a wonderful book entitled, "Raising your spirited child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. This book has a wonderful approach to parenting that would drive Amy Chua crazy. ;) I literally carry this book around with me and reference it often!

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    Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth. I can relate on so many levels. Girls are hard, and I fear it will never get easier! I am buying the book you recommended today, sounds very helpful. Thanks again for sharing with me.

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