My New Years Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution can be summed up in one word. If I can conquer this 8-letter word, my entire family and self will benefit.

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It is hard.  Trying to get my 2 year old dressed, change her diaper or brush her hair, listening to my chatty 5 year old ask over and over again to watch a PG movie, cleaning my entire house to be destroyed less then 3 hours later.   These mundane tasks test my ability to keep my resolution.  

I am reminded of my resolution while waiting in seamlessly non moving lines, driving in bumper to bumper city traffic and long, cold, nap less days.

I breathe, I repeat mantras, I practice yoga and try to live in the present moment. 

24 hours into 2011 and already I have broken my resolution.

My New Years Resolution is Patience. 


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