How I'm Standing Taller

This weekend I treated myself to the knowledgeable and funny Rita Knorr’s Twisting Workshop at Self Centered Yoga.  I was prepared to work on intricate binds and challenging twists.  While we did spend time twisting, the main emphasis was on lengthening the side body. 

I found it fascinating and effective spending so much time elongating our thoracic spine and in turn I was able to easily place my hands farther and twist deeper than before.  As we worked on lengthening in Warrior I and Downward Dog, I began to feel taller and suddenly Reverse Triangle was manageable.

As posture improves along comes confidence.  I plan to carry this confidence with me off the mat as I move through my day-to-day routine.  Confident with my choice to give my children an easy, but maybe not super healthy lunch.  Confident to pick up my son from school in my yoga pants and no makeup.  Confident in my relationships, even though visits and conversations are much more rare these days.

There was a lot of laughter during this workshop.  Yoga doesn’t have to be serious. Laughter made the yoga easier, just as it improves work and home life.  Laughing lets the nervousness disappear and allows us to stand taller. 

While we twisted I envisioned my body as a sponge wringing out all the toxins and negativity I’ve been carrying around.  With each inhale I twisted a little deeper and felt my guilt and tension release.

We finished class with Savasana, a peaceful resting meditation.  I rose from it feeling taller, refreshed and cleansed.  Rita taught us to lead through life and yoga following our heart.  That is my goal for this week. 

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