Don't Hate Me Because I Vaccinate My Kids

Don't Hate Me Because I Vaccinate My Kids

It was reported this week that the study linking vaccines to autism were fraudulent.  This research has resulted in personal worry, stress, questioning and concern for myself and millions of other mothers, fathers and family members worldwide.

I have a confession: my children are vaccinated.  This wasn’t a haphazard decision.  I researched and discussed with my doctors and medical family in depth.  The vaccines my children received did not include Thermisol, which reportedly contains Mercury. 


Minus a brutal overnight stay at Children’s Memorial Hospital for a toddler suffering from croup and a mild case of hand, foot and mouth disease my children have been very healthy.  (I hesitate to write this as suddenly I feel sickness will fall down upon my family).

My son goes to school daily with 20 germy children who I hope too are vaccinated.  We are constantly surrounded by kids at ballet, soccer, the grocery store, coffee shop and during play dates.

I try to live a green life.  I buy organic, use all natural cleaning products and avoid preservatives.  I would never unnecessarily inject my kids with chemicals, but I feel these vaccines are saving lives of many children.  Vaccines are not only important for my kids, but all kids. 

I do not have a child with autism.  I believe autism is a major problem and I am confused as to how the increased number of cases are causing this horrible disease. I hope a link is determined and this epidemic can be controlled.  

As parents, we all want to do what is best for our offspring.  Am I doing the right thing?


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  • of course you should vaccinate your children. the benefits outweigh the risks. i'm glad i don't have polio...

  • I have never understood why a study of only 12 children that they could never recreate was given so much weight. Of course it was fraud. I ask for preservative free vaccines, but people who are totally anti-vaccine need to wake up and learn about how scientific research really works. 12 children does no constitute global panic. These diseases can KILL your children.

  • First of all, anyone who takes to heart an issue that is championed by Jenny McCarthy should be vaccinated against having children. Second of all....OF COURSE you should vaccinate your kids!!! Why is this such a hard concept? I understand there is a need sometimes to grasp at things that make you feel more in control as a parent, but stick to the V-Chip if you feel so compelled. Why not buy a horse a buggy while you're at it? There are plenty of horrible things in this world our children are going to have to face, why saddle them with horrific diseases that modern science has worked to eradicate?

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