Nothing brings me greater joy than regifting.  It is matchmaking at its finest.  To find the perfect present for someone else; why not give it to them?  It shouldn’t matter if your boss, friend or relative gave it to you first.  Right?

Regifting saves money, the environment, shopping time and declutters your home.  To me it is win, win, win.  Of course there are a few guidelines. 

1.  The recycled present must be wrapped with no signs of the previous giver. 

2.  The original date of gifting must be within the past decade.  For example, no Chia Pets, Air Jordans or remember that horrible fish that sang?

3.  It is not okay to use half the lotion, eat a truffle, or wear the sweater before passing on to the new recipient*.

*This rule is void if I’m giving to my sister. 

Isn’t the quote, one person’s trash is another’s treasure?  So, why is there so much negativity around regifting?



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  • because often people who regift put much less thought into it than you do. they think "i have this crap i don't want, let's give it to Kevin..." instead of "oh, i don't use this and Kevin would LOVE it..." It's like getting a white elephant gift instead of a well thought out present, and that can be insulting when you put a lot of time and effort into your presents.

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