No, I'm Not Moving to the Suburbs

No, I'm Not Moving to the Suburbs

Sadly, I am continually saying goodbye to my Chicago mom friends as they move to the suburbs.  I understand their dreams of sprawling yards and endless storage, but I cannot leave this amazing city that has so much to offer to families. 

I keep in the know by refering to “Time Out Chicago Kids”, a magazine and website that explores everything there is to do in Chicago with your kids.  I am constantly amazed at how many options are in our backyard.  From arts, shopping, restaurants to travel, it is all available. 


Sign up for “Time Out Chicago Kids” weekly email newsletter and you will be treated to a plethora of the city’s happenings in your inbox.  I also love to read their blog Hipsquek that offers another perspective of parenting in the city and daily Deals & Steals. 

Thanks to “Time Out Chicago Kids” any day I can check out the “What To Do Today Critic Picks” and find options all around the city from museums to plays.  Plus, I love to read the celebrity parent interviews when I have a free minute.

There are days when I imagine easy parking, strip malls and no street cleaning might make my life easier, but then we Ice Skate at Millenium Park or take the el and bus to the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier and I realize we are right where we are meant to be.

I’m happily still a city slicker and vowing to take advantage of all the city has to offer this year.  Do you love living in the city or are you more of a suburbanite? 


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  • It's funny because I live in the suburbs, and I always have, but this weekend we went to visit some family members and they live in the city. They like the city, point being that there aren't as many rules as a suburb. Such as; moaing your lawn, cleaning the snow, parking on the street. Things like that. That is something I DO like of the suburban living. This keeps the city I am in, Naperville, clean.
    But also think of it this way, there are many forms of transportation also provided to you in the suburbs. Such as the metra. When I go to the downtown area I ALWAYS ride it and its exciting because I don't usually do it.
    It's no biggy just some accustomizing.

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