Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

I guess “they” are right when “they” say, ” Time flies the older you get.”

2010 felt like a week of my childhood.  I remember last new years, as if it was a week ago Friday.  The blur of 2010 brought accomplishments, setbacks and growth.  Here is my quick recap of the year.

The constant racist rants of Mel Gibson, Chilean minor victory, Sandra Bullock winning the Oscar, divorcing and adopting all in the same month.   I followed the rise and fall of Conan O’Brien, the unfortunate invention of jeggings, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. 

Personally 2010 brought the sad death of a family member, the birth of my adorable nephew, saying goodbye to cribs, drop off play dates, little boy learning to write his name, perfecting headstands, new water heaters, Arizona, South Carolina, Louisiana and celebrating my parents’ 40 years of marriage.

I hope 2011 brings more significant moments for my kids, self, family and world.  Here is what I wish for 2011.

Potty training success, new yoga classes and confidence in my practice, travels to new places, patience, progress in world affairs, decrease in bullying, weight loss, good health for my family and lots of smile worthy memories. In addition, I would be happy to say goodbye to Uggs, The Palins, over the top plastic surgery and racism. 

Is that too much to hope for?  Am I forgetting something? What are your wishes for 2011?

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