Electronics Are Not My Friend

Electronics Are Not My Friend

Be careful around me, I have been experiencing bad luck when it comes to electronics.  I am somewhat scared my computer is going to spontaneously combust as I type these words.  Currently on my list of broken electronics includes the following.


1. iPod: This leads to a very quiet elliptical session.  In exchange I’ve read every “US” and “Star” magazine from the past month while working out.  Anything you want to know about The Royal Couple’s engagement or Angie and Brad’s brood? 

2. Printer/Scanner: Yep, I can’t print that coupon for a free Core Power Yoga class and I can’t scan the holiday picture from 1985 (I guess that is a good thing).

3. DVD/CD Player: This is 100% the kids fault.  They shoved SpongeBob so far back in the player; it is nowhere to be found.  Thank God for On Demand.


Not only am I breaking everything, I am also losing electronics.

1. Flip Video Camera: A big loss.  First, how will I tape little boy’s Winter Assembly on Friday?  I know everyone cannot wait to see 20 preschoolers performing on You Tube. 

2. BlackBerry: This was left in a van in Arizona on the way to the airport.  Luckily after paying for next day FedEx delivery it was returned.  I’ve recovered from the 24 hours of using my land line.


Am I having bad luck?  Is this a sign I should live a simpler life without all these distractions? 


Last night instead of watching Elmo while listening to The Black Eyed Peas, I held my kids and we quietly watched the amazing sunset behind our house.

 It gave me a moment to realize that I hide behind technology. I am always with my kids physically.  Mentally and emotionally I am often somewhere else. 

Or maybe this post is a not so subliminal reminder for my husband to tackle his to do list and start fixing our stuff.  




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  • I think it is a late Chanukah list...dan, you better get her a new iPod!

  • You may be suprised that if you don't replace something right away you realize that maybe you can live without it.

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