Celebrating Hanukkah in a Christmas World

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and I nearly forgot. There wasn’t a reminder every time I walked in a store or turned on the television or computer. I was at Costco today and saw rows of Christmas decorations and not even a corner dedicated for Hanukkah.  No menorah, candles, latkes, nothing. 


Since I needed wrapping paper, I thought it would be a good deal to buy it at Costco.  I do not exaggerate when I tell you that there was an entire aisle dedicated to wrapping paper and literally every single one had wreaths, trees and Santa all over it.  I found beautiful silver tissue paper with snowflakes tucked in the corner and was relieved to find something to wrap the Transformer and Baby Doll.  After I placed it in my cart, I noticed Merry Christmas was embossed throughout the paper.  I guess I’ll stick with the green alternative, newspaper.

I read all your Facebook updates about decorating your tree and waiting in line for Santa and really it sounds lovely.  I am happy that you enjoy your holiday, but I wish the majority wouldn’t assume I or everyone else celebrates Christmas too.  Sometimes when parents ask me what Santa is getting for my kids; I simply shrug instead of explaining that we don’t celebrate Christmas.  The effort isn’t always worth it. 

My son wants to celebrate Christmas.  I don’t blame him, his class goes to see The Nutcracker, he watches The Muppets Christmas Movie and hears his friends talk of the heap of presents they receive.  Then of course there is the magic of Santa Claus. I explain that we celebrate Hanukkah and all the benefits of our holiday, yet it seems to get lost on a five year old. 

I sort of dread this time of year, I feel as if I don’t belong.  I am a Scrooge? 


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  • Not a scrooge. A mom who wants her child to be proud of being Jewish and not feel they need to jump on the Christmas bandwagon. I think that now that you realize it is Hanukkah you will notice more menorahs and Hanukkah paraphernalia.

  • Hannukah paraphernalia...can I get arrested for possessing that? :-)

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