During Tree Pose I reflect on balance.  In the asana I feel strong and centered and stability seems possible.



In real life balance doesn’t always appear as simple.  It is difficult to maintain an equilibrium between family, fun, work and responsibility.

I want to meet my friends for dinners and drinks at hip new restaurants, but I know I should stay home and cook dinner for my husband and kids.

I want to check my email and twitter, when I know I should be assembling puzzles and playing superheroes.

I want to lie on the couch and cuddle with my children, when I know I have to teach yoga.

I want to talk about my day with my husband, when I am so tired and know I need to go to bed.

I want to be a good mother, wife, sister, daughter, but I also know I’d prefer to be alone and not answer the phone.

I want to have a clean house and folded laundry, but I know I promised to take my kids to the library.

Then I practice yoga and settle in Bow Pose and feel the tug and pull and know that balance is that sweet spot between falling over and being upright. 



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  • What a great comparison, it is very important to reflect on your day and be able to make connections between daily activities and our daily emotion.

  • Thanks, mweindruch. A daily check in is a great habit.

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