Are You a Closet Facebook User?

I have 221 Facebook “friends” yet if you asked at least 50 percent of them, they would say, “I never go on Facebook.”  Then why do you have an account?

About 25% of my “friends” are lurkers.  They never comment, post, or show proof that they’ve been there…but they’ve been there.  In conversation it comes up that they read my status update or saw my photo.  So why are they ashamed of it?  It is much more fun if you participate.


I am thankful for Facebook.  As a mom at home, I’m isolated.  I wasn’t hip enough to know about Facebook in 2005 when my son was born.  As a first time mom I had no clue and wish I could of asked on my Facebook wall how to treat cradle cap or baby acne and instantaneously received comments and advice. 

Facebook has connected me to friends from elementary school, overnight camp, high school, college, ex coworkers and family around the world.  I feel to some degree I know what is going on in the lives of those I otherwise would be unaware. 

I can’t understand it.  What is the shame in Facebook?

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  • there is no shame in facebook, until it becomes an addiction. like me. :-)

  • I agree, Kevin. I am somewhat of an addict too.

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