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A Day in the Life

The clock reads 5:04 a.m. although the darkness feels like the middle of the night.  Boy comes into our room and decides to sleep directly on top of me.  I quietly tip toe into his room to pass out in his bed.  Once I am comfortable and close my eyes little girl screams, “Mama, I’m... Read more »

Five Years

Five Thanksgivings ago I was nine months pregnant. Five Thanksgivings ago my feet were swollen, my belly was at its max and my skin was shining. Five Thanksgiving ago we were oblivious to how our simple condo living life would change. Five Thanksgivings ago I was anxious, excited, unknowledgeable and nervous. Five Thanksgivings ago I... Read more »

Kids and Soda

I barely allow my kids to drink juice.  At every meal they can choose between milk and water.  Maybe on a warm summer day after playing outside we cool off with a glass of lemonade.  I went to pick up my 4-year-old son from a new friend’s house and he was drinking a CAN OF SODA.  I... Read more »

Something About Those Keds

The year was circa 1988.  Everyone had Keds.   There were the basic white, canvas tied ones, or the cool slip on shoes.  Then the really lucky kids had the leather version.  What really made them fashionable was the blue rectangle tag on the heel. My mom figured, why get me the expensive name brand version... Read more »