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Starbucks Is Ruining Everything

Starbucks Is Ruining Everything
For the last few days, I’ve seen references to Starbucks changing the design on their cups for the holidays (to solid red), and how that is infuriating some people. How they’re whipped up because it’s a terrible affront to Christmas/Christianity. I’d resisted finding out what it all meant and searching for any sort of article,... Read more »

Beyond The Haiku: An April Sestina

I love haikus. They’re a fun way to play with words — the original Twitter. But earlier this year (I guess like two months ago now), I was cleaning … well, let’s go back in time (I’ve had the HARDEST TIME writing) … (Blog post started April 24, 2015) So, I was going through some... Read more »

#NationalSiblingsDay: I'm A Dick

In some respects, I’m overwhelmingly optimistic. A sickeningly sweet romantic. An incredible idealist. Other parts of me are crass and coarse and crude and cynical. ┬áThat’s where we’re going to be today. I have long renounced the very public fawning over of Valentine’s Day and even worse, Sweetest Day. I have always felt that if... Read more »

Comments Under Three Minutes: April Fool's WTF?

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Coming back to the series. April Fool’s. I don’t get it. Keep up with my head … type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. You will NEVER get anything else from me (no SPAM, and you can opt out at any time).