Why The U.S. Government Can Never Get Rid Of The Penny

There has been much talk in the last 10 or so years about abolishing the penny. That it costs more to make than it’s worth. That no one cares about them. That it would just be better to round everything up or down (you know it’s gonna be up). For me, the penny is so... Read more »

May It Last: A Reflection Of The Avett Brothers

May It Last: A Reflection Of The Avett Brothers
I’ve been listening to the Avett Brothers since 2010. Not as long as some people, but long enough. I think seven years is a good amount of time to experience a band. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to see them a little over 25 times, as well. Again — I have friends who have... Read more »

Thoughts On Kathy Griffin -- My Life On The J-List

I just saw a clip of Jim Carrey on a red carpet being asked what he thought of the current Kathy Griffin blowup whereby people are lambasting her (on the right *and* left) for doing a photoshoot where she holds an effigy of Donald Trump’s severed head covered in fake blood as a protest of... Read more »

Memorial Day Weekend -- Filled With Memories, But Not About Military Service

It’s been 16 years. 16 years since I’ve seen the inside of a psychiatric hospital. Tomorrow marks the 16 year anniversary of my voluntary check-in to the world’s worst hotel. I had forgotten until right now. At some point, (soon I hope), I’ll get around to writing the memoir where I go into it all... Read more »

Why Jordan Edwards Is A Great Example Of White Privilege

I regularly read the words of Shaun King in my Facebook feed. Sometimes, they are his own opinion pieces from The Daily News, but often they are him relaying news of one injustice or another, often the senseless murder of another person of color. Most recently, he has told the story of Jordan Edwards, a... Read more »

Parenthood Bringing Me Back

SPOILER ALERT Season 4 of Parenthood the TV show ahead. Everyone has raved about the TV show Parenthood. I’m finally getting around to it. I really love it for a million reasons. It’s super real — there are so many times I’m super annoyed with characters and I love how the spouses and siblings and... Read more »

Monday, Monday

I let the weekend get away from me, so my one post a day in the new year is broken, but I figured I should get one in today and get back to it. Like a cheat weekend or something. This weekend was interesting and kind of disaster-y all at the same time. It showed... Read more »


Today is my 15 year sobriety birthday. It’s really just another day, in most respects. I didn’t do anything different. I’m still just walking the road. Sometimes people congratulate me or say they’re proud, and I understand the sentiment, but I know that it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it of my own willpower or... Read more »

January 11, 2002

You know, I was going to try some nice narrative about that night. But here’s the long and short of it. In May of 2001, I was diagnosed manic-depressive and they hinted I had a substance abuse problem — they planted the seeds that there was a program that could help me, but I wasn’t... Read more »

When You're Jealous Of A TV Family

I was gonna cut myself a break and not write tonight, because I’m a little overwhelmed with President Obama’s farewell speech and the impending disgust of a potential inauguration of a man I can hardly bear to look at or think of and I’m unemployed and getting paralyzed by that again and there’s a bunch... Read more »