280 Characters On Twitter, You Say?

280 Characters On Twitter, You Say?

I started using Twitter in 2007. I was an “early adopter.” I loved the way news was shared and conversations took place. I don’t think I even had a Facebook account, because it was limited to those with an .edu email.

Soon, it was filled with people I admired — on and off the platform. One of my very best friends was a Twitter friend. I went to her birthday party, and the rest is history.

So now the 140 character limit imposed for the last 10 years is being replaced with 280. I was reminded by an article that the reason they came up with 140 was so it would fit within the 160 character limit on the text platforms of yore.

It’s difficult to know where I stand on this. I think I am truly of two minds.

Team pro: That there’ve been plenty of times where I just needed *one or two or five* more characters to make the perfect tweet (the right @s, the right links, the right #hashtags).

Team con: I’m amazed how I could edit things, they still made sense, and got my message across. It was a word game that when forced into, I truly enjoyed.

Pro: It’s 280 characters. It’s not 280 words (remember Twitlonger?). It allows for a more expressive vocabulary and getting rid of the need to use “words’ like yr, &, and various abbreviations like Chgo.

Con: Who am I kidding? I’m the queen of ridic abbrevs. I love shortening things and giving them new monikers/acronyms. It’s my jam.

Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff thinks it’s a terrible idea and blames millennials for always needing to have more, now.

For what it’s worth, this post is exactly 280 words long. I win.

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