What Happens In Las Vegas Does NOT Stay In Las Vegas

What Happens In Las Vegas Does NOT Stay In Las Vegas
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I can’t believe that my current writing hiatus is ended by a post about ANOTHER *white* man slaying tens of people with a gun. I can’t believe that no matter how clear it is we need to re-visit our policy on guns, people will bring out the tired old straw man that I am trying to destroy the Second Amendment. I can’t believe that there are leagues of people who will come at me with “What if,” and “But that,” and “Complete Denial.”

There are so many things in this current political atmosphere that are absolutely too crazy and outrageous for me to wrap my mind around. But the issue of people being slain, en masse, on the reg? I wouldn’t think we’d have to fight hard to come to a common consensus.

Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on a bill in the House — the “Hearing Protection Act” which aims to legalize silencers. Let’s look at some of the SF Chronicle article to outline my talking points better than I could:

Critics say silencers — called noise suppressors by supporters and heavily regulated by the federal government for more than eight decades — would make it harder for police officers to locate a shooter in an attack.

Essentially, a lot of people who stand up and tell us that “Blue Lives Matter,” don’t see fit to protect the police officers they claim to advocate for. This is a law that has been on the books for more than 80 years. Through Democratic AND Republican presidents and leagues of legislators. That means that this isn’t a partisan issue. It’s a human issue. For years, we have agreed that civilians should not have silencers — what grave danger it puts all of our citizens in, even the people sworn to serve and protect us.

The silencer measure is part of the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, a broad-ranging gun bill delayed in June after House GOP Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and two Capitol Hill police officers were wounded by a gunman who opened fire on a congressional baseball practice session.

“What it does is it disperses the sound, so you can’t identify where the sound is coming from,” said Rep. Mike Thompson, a St. Helena Democrat and avid hunter who opposes the bill. “It puts both law enforcement and the public at risk.”

Also, note the Democrat that speaks against the bill — he’s an “avid hunter.” Two members of Congress can be victims of a public shooting, but Congress doesn’t can’t see fit to protect its own members? It’s truly beyond my comprehension.

Let’s get real. This isn’t about sporting and hunting. This is about legislators who are so convinced they’d lose their jobs if they went against anything the NRA stands for. They have lost sight of the forest by focusing in on a few trees. Trees that are willing to stand by while hundreds of Americans are killed a year.

They are the same people tell us how we must protect this country from terrorists, and willfully misinterpret the demographics — domestic terror isn’t fueled by Muslims or anti-American plots. It’s enacted by white men with free access to weapons, who are emboldened by the fact that, as a whole, they suffer no consequences for their actions. That, and a healthy dose of mental illness which twists up these men’s brains (a whole other matter).

“There’s a lot of false narrative being driven by this,” he [Rep. Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale] said. “Anything to do with making guns more available or more convenient for people is going to find opposition by the left.”

I have to show my ID if I buy Drano. We had some domestic bombing incidents, and we decided to make sure it was less convenient for people to buy the things that might make it possible for them to create weapons of mass destruction. Given the amount of gun violence this country sees every year, why in hell would we want to make guns *more* available or convenient?

It would also legalize the sale of armor-piercing bullets so long as the manufacturer claims the ammunition is made for “sporting purposes.”

I know that by being an outspoken advocate of Black Lives Matter, many people extrapolate that I am “anti-cop,” or don’t care about the safety of our police officers. Nothing could be further from the truth. The proposed legislation does nothing but put police more in harm’s way than they already are. Honestly, if we had better gun control, there would be less risk to the men and women out on the front lines, trying to make cities and communities safe from criminals.

Yet, the gun lobby wants to make it easier for criminals to possess guns and ammo that would make it explicitly easier for police to be killed. NRA/gun control defenders always talk about the idea that if guns are regulated, only criminals would have access to them, so our law-abiding citizens should be well-protected. But they don’t care. About our citizenry or our police. They have some blind affiliation with the idea that any sort of attempt to control dangerous objects will completely obliterate the Second Amendment. It just doesn’t make sense in light of how many Americans have fallen victim to lax gun control laws.

All those safety seals on your medicine? Directly related to the Tylenol murders in 1982. People didn’t complain that their right to have unencumbered access to their pain relievers was now restricted, they thought — “This will make it harder for this to ever happen again.” People didn’t rise up when their Sudafed purchasing was restricted — they show their IDs and get on with it. Even though it dictates personal behavior, no one thinks we should roll back seatbelt laws.

But children in a classroom, people watching a movie, people dancing in a club, and now people attending a music festival — these everyday, ordinary Americans; people who were just going about the business of doing their day-to-day, enjoying life — they have lost their lives in incidents that very well could have been prevented if we stood up and enacted legislation to ensure the rash of mass assassinations comes to an end.

I could talk about this for a long time — suffice it to say, I don’t understand why guns can’t be regulated *as least* as well as motor vehicles are. Both are deadly weapons in the wrong hands.

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