Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

I took this picture in a bathroom in Logan Square in April of 2016 the weekend the Avett Brothers came to town for a three-night run at the Chicago Theater. I normally see this message around the city on the sidewalks in some sort of white paint-y sort of substance, always in a similar sort of font.

Much like the “You Are Beautiful” installations around the city (which are, in fact, more formal installations, instead of graffiti), every time I see one of these messages, I am gently nudged by the universe and given this simple reminder.

It always gives me pause — at any given time, I could probably pull a list of 20 things off the top of my head that I have regret about, feel shame over, wish I could do differently. It lets me take a moment and breathe and know that the energy I’m connected to, my higher power, the universe — it’s not mad. That I don’t have to be so worried. That probably a bunch of stuff I think is a big deal isn’t. That I am probably my biggest critic. That even if I’ve done it all wrong (which I haven’t), I need to give myself a break.

What’s even better is that these notes are being written by another human being. These aren’t dropping out of the sky from nowhere. These reminders are being left by someone else sharing in the struggle. They have their own set of regrets and shames and failings, too. But they’re letting me off the hook.

Secondary to this, I’m seeing them on random places — on the ground, in the bathroom — in the down and dirty. Ever reminding me that even in the cracks and the crevices, I can find light. For now, I’m forgiving myself that while I write a blog post every day, they aren’t the razzlingest dazzlingest stars I’ve ever written. C’est la vie.

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