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Parenthood Bringing Me Back

SPOILER ALERT Season 4 of Parenthood the TV show ahead. Everyone has raved about the TV show Parenthood. I’m finally getting around to it. I really love it for a million reasons. It’s super real — there are so many times I’m super annoyed with characters and I love how the spouses and siblings and... Read more »

Monday, Monday

I let the weekend get away from me, so my one post a day in the new year is broken, but I figured I should get one in today and get back to it. Like a cheat weekend or something. This weekend was interesting and kind of disaster-y all at the same time. It showed... Read more »


Today is my 15 year sobriety birthday. It’s really just another day, in most respects. I didn’t do anything different. I’m still just walking the road. Sometimes people congratulate me or say they’re proud, and I understand the sentiment, but I know that it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it of my own willpower or... Read more »

January 11, 2002

You know, I was going to try some nice narrative about that night. But here’s the long and short of it. In May of 2001, I was diagnosed manic-depressive and they hinted I had a substance abuse problem — they planted the seeds that there was a program that could help me, but I wasn’t... Read more »

When You're Jealous Of A TV Family

I was gonna cut myself a break and not write tonight, because I’m a little overwhelmed with President Obama’s farewell speech and the impending disgust of a potential inauguration of a man I can hardly bear to look at or think of and I’m unemployed and getting paralyzed by that again and there’s a bunch... Read more »

And Your Favorite Sandwich Is ...

It’s lunch time. You’re hungry. Boss or friend says the meal is on you — pick out your favorite sandwich. Don’t think about it long, just blurt it out. What’s your favorite sandwich? I’ll give you a second. It’s the ____________________________. What did you say? BLT? Reuben? Egg salad? Tuna? Ham with Swiss? Roast beef?... Read more »

Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself
I took this picture in a bathroom in Logan Square in April of 2016 the weekend the Avett Brothers came to town for a three-night run at the Chicago Theater. I normally see this message around the city on the sidewalks in some sort of white paint-y sort of substance, always in a similar sort... Read more »

Things I Want From The Store/Life But Will Not Get Tonight

1. The homemade tortilla chips Jewel makes and puts out in the deli section for $2.50. 2. Another space heater. 3. Hershey’s kisses, or more importantly, someone to make me those peanut butter cookies with the kisses in them. 4. Someone to cuddle with/make out with. 5. A cohort to play board games with. 6.... Read more »

Getting In Under The Wire

Gonna be another short one tonight. Started a bunch of posts, but couldn’t pull the trigger. Was out in the cold a bunch today and just got home and got under the covers. Ate some gluten-free pizza (I don’t always eat gluten-free, but if it’s convenient and tastes good enough, I will), watched an episode... Read more »

A Cheater's Post: Gratitude List

I wanted to write every day in 2017. I’ll probably mess that up at some point, but today, I’ll do a quickie, a cheater’s post — something I normally loathe thinking about, but it’s late and I’m desperate. Something people recovering from the drink get taught to lean on as a go-to when miserable or... Read more »