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If I Die, What Do You Want Me To Will To You?

I was robbed July 7th. It’s an interesting story, I suppose. But it’s not the one I’m going to tell here. Only to say that at one point, I thought, “That is not a gun.” Followed by, “That’s ridiculous. Maybe there are small guns.” Followed by, “What is more ridiculous is if this were anyone... Read more »

I Have No Idea Why Pokemon Go! Makes Me So Angry

Seriously. I don’t really even know what Pokemon is. That is as big of a mystery to me as Pogs are. I ask people what it is, and no one can really answer. It’s cards. It’s round things. Okay. And … HOW IS THAT A GAME? How is Magic the Gathering a game? Let me... Read more »

Something To Say

You can take me down You can show me your home Not the place where you live But the place where you belong You can bend my ear We can talk all day Just make sure you’re around When I’ve finally got something to say “Something To Say,” Toad The Wet Sprocket It’s been nearly... Read more »