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The N-Word Dilemma

Let’s get one thing straight out of the gate. This is not a dilemma of me wanting to SAY the “N-word.” Do NOT get that twisted. I have no interest. I do not suffer any fools gladly who try and contemplate, debate, and dissertate “Why can “they” say this word, but “we” can’t?” Oh, shut... Read more »

THIS Is How You Really Know You're A Feminist

I was on Facebook today (okay, so I was awake and breathing), and I came across a post that led you to a website to let you know if you’d have trouble voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. It let you check your state (check your state, people!) to know if you had closed... Read more »

We're Losing Touch And It's Starting With Loose Change

Read last night at Second City’s Staff Talent Show: I was raised to believe that no job is devoid of value, no station beneath my best effort and attitude. I have worked in the smallest of small town cafes, waited tables in the suburbanest of Baker’s Squares. I made homemade Dilly Bars and perfectly coiffed... Read more »